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I know it's hard when we lose one of our Family members. As I just had to put one of mine down, but
the thing is I knew I needed to be there for him on his last day as I was there for him on his First. I had
brought him into this world and fought to keep him alive because he was the runt. It was only right that
he be in my arm as he leaves this world to go to a better place, where he no longer hurts. Do I miss him
yes, he was a funny Boy.  He loved to talk to people as they came
around it was his way of saying hey look down here pet me. I will never be able to replace him but I had
my baby with me for 11 1/2 yrs. So I decided to make this page for him and his Grandfather and any
other family members I may lose. These are not dogs to me they are family they know when I'm sick,
they know when I'm upset and they are always happy to see me when I walk in the door know matter if
I've been gone 5 minutes or 1 week they all love me as I love them. So as they leave me they take a
piece of my heart, till I meet back up with them at the Rainbow Bridge. R.I.P. My Little Angels.

The Rainbow Bridge
Just this side of heaven is a place called The Rainbow Bridge. When a beloved pet
dies who has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to The Rainbow
Bridge. It is a land of meadows, hill and valleys with lush green grass. There is
plenty of food and water and sunshine; our friends are warm and comfortable.
Those old and frail animals are young again, restored to health and vigor. Those
who have been hurt and maimed are made whole and strong again. The animals
play all day; they are happy and content with each other. But, there is only one
thing missing. They are not with their special person who loved them on earth; the
one who had to be left behind. Then the day comes when one suddenly stops and
looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly
Wiggles breaks away from the group, flying over the green grass; his legs carrying
him faster and faster. You have been seen. And when you and your special friend
meet, you take Wiggles in your arms and embrace. The happy kisses rain upon your
face. Your hands again caress his beloved head. You look once more into the trusting
eyes of your pet. And then, together, you cross The Rainbow Bridge.
Never to be separated.

We lost Our Guardian Angel last month it's been really hard for me to write anything about her cause, she was my rock and always there when I needed her to be, she was there when my husband was in Afghanistan and almost died and now I have had to let her go to Guard over me till I meet her at the Rainbow Bridge as I will with My Other Babies I have Lost or May Loss. So For Now I Love You Angel Momma Rest in Peace Till We Meet Again, You Will Be Greatly Missed.