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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Shipping Information

It's not always an option for those of you who live so far away, therefore we do offer
shipping at an added expense! We ship the puppies ourselves that way we know how t

hey are cared for that is why our cost may be a little higher then others

 Shipping cost are non-refundable. When we quote a price to you, be assured that all

expenses are included; the puppies required health papers for the airline & the state, a pet

porter In order to ship a puppy the temperature at departure/arrival and anywhere in
between, that the pup may be "on the ground", cannot exceed 80ºF or be below 40ºF.
If the airlines will not allow shipping due to weather, then your puppy will be shipped
at the next available date.
We will, on a case by case basis arrange to meet at a half way point or a possibility of
driving all the way in our personal vehicle for delivery of your puppy, there will
however be an additional fee for this service. Price is dependent upon the miles
traveled and other things needed along the way.